Social media platform for bookworms!

Get customised books recommendations and save them to your own fancy virtual bookshelf!


What We Do

Bookworm brings together voracious readers and super talented writers, thus helping in shaping and inspiring the literature community. It is a common platform customised for the needs of bookworms!


Personalised Book Recommendations

The book recommendations page has all the necessary details (ratings, reviews, summary) to help you find the book you want to read at that point of time! The recommendations are personalised and aligned with your choice of reading!


Your Own Virtual Bookshelf

Create your own customised fancy bookshelf in your profile! Add all the books you have read so far and save the ones you want to read in the future!


Customised Platform for Bookworms

Bookworm is a community of voracious book readers and super talented writers. The social media features helps in connecting and interacting with various book readers and writers.


Connect and Interact

Get a notification every time:
-The readers/writers you are following updates their bookshelf.
- Someone suggests a book for you.
- Someone adds books from your shelf to their shelf.



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Yashwanthi Manchala


Design Engineer @ Caterpillar Inc (2019-2021)
iOS Developer (Indie)
Education: B.Tech Mechanical Engineering (Honours)


Syed Irfan Ahmed


Production Artist @ RR Donnelley (2019-2021)
UI/UX Designer (Indie)
Education: BSc Visual Communication


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